How to grow and style your beard like a pro

How to grow and style your beard like a pro
Posted on September 19th, 2022

Growing a beard has been a trend over the last decade or so.

While growing out a beard is a matter of patience, men often get disappointed with the appearance of their beard once it has grown out.

This happens because of improper grooming. If you're growing a beard to look good, use these tips and tricks to style your beard like a pro!

Be patient, Timing is important

The most important thing while growing your beard is not to give up by losing patience.

You might question whether it is even worth the time. The answer is yes!

It usually takes two weeks to get visible facial hair and four-six weeks for the beard to become prominent.

Once you have a decent length, style your beard, trim it and care for it.

Use cleansers, Wash your beard

While this might seem like common sense, know that washing your face and beard every day removes dirt, oils, germs, pollution, and dead skin.

When left there, they can clog your pores and cause skin irritation.

Use a cleanser best suited to your skin type - gel, hydrating, or non-comedogenic.

Gently massage in a circular motion before washing with lukewarm water and towel-drying.

Knot-free beard, Comb your beard

Having knots in your beard can be frustrating and extremely uncomfortable.

Merely washing your face would not help you get rid of those irritating knots.

Make sure you use a beard comb to get rid of these knots and keep your beard straightened.

Keeping your beard hydrated and well-combed will ensure a stress-free styling experience.

Smell good, Apply beard oil

Be sure to apply beard oil, but only after combing your beard, since oil can worsen the knots.

Beard oil moisturizes the skin on your chin along with your facial hair and is thus a great way to keep your beard from looking wild.

The added scent will keep you smelling fresh. Use beard oil right after a shower for best results.

Information, Use a beard balm

Beard balms are superb for styling your beard and keeping them hydrated and healthy. Scoop out a little balm with two fingers and apply it to your beard just like beard oil. It helps to trap moisture by creating a protective layer.

Look sharp, Trim your beard

The most important part of beard care is trimming it. It is essential to use the right tools like a trimmer or a beard kit.

Learning to trim your beard perfectly takes time, so do it slowly and with caution.

Make sure to trim your neckline well as it gives a professional finish. Trimming your cheek line properly will highlight your dashing smile!


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